Best Price Guarantee

Best Price Guarantee

If you are like us you'll know that saving money at any given opportunity makes good sense and that is why at Water Pumps Limited we have our Best Price Guarantee in place for you our valued customer.

The way it works is simple...

If you can find any of our products sold cheaper either on-line or at any retail store and they meet the following reasonable conditions below, we will beat that advertised product by $1. It's that simple!

Our Reasonable Conditions

The product must be:

  • Advertised in New Zealand Dollars (NZD)
  • Currently in stock by the supplier at the advertised location
  • An identical model (make, series and model number) to what is advertised on our web site
  • Brand new and come with a full warranty (not second hand or refurbished)

The product must not be:

  • Advertised or for sale in an auction or bidding entity of any kind (such as trademe, sella, ebay)
  • A part of any closeout or clearance product line, employee discount scheme, members-only club pricing scheme or loyalty program
  • In conflict with the manufacturer pricing restrictions or minimum advertised pricing policies

This guarantee does not apply to typographical or pricing errors found on either compared product(s)

We'd therefore request that full proof of the advertised price must be supplied so that it can be verified.


1 simple way to submit your product for our Best Price Guarantee

Once you have found a product advertised elsewhere and it has met the Reasonable Conditions listed above, please fill in the form below with your details. Make sure you have these things to hand:

  • 1) The make and model of the product you have seen
  • 2) Where you have seen the product advertised
  • 3) The price in New Zealand Dollars of the product
  • 4) If there is any GST and shipping added to the cost of the purchase
  • 5) If the seller has it in stock
  • 6) The date you saw the product advertised

Once we have received the details of your product, we will get back to you to let you know if we can beat the price you have found. We always hope we can provide the best deal for our customers.

Thank you and we look forward hearing from you soon!