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Integrated Extensions

Halcyon has styled support for the following RocketTheme extensions: RokTabs, RokNewsPager, RokFeatureTable, RokAjaxSearch, RokStories and RokNavMenu

For details on these extensions, how they are configured and styled for this template, please refer to the menu links above.

Further Documentation

All our Extensions have informative details located under the Extensions tab on the RocketTheme site. Here you will find general information on the addon, its features, screenshots, installation instructions and any relevant documentation pertaining to use, configuring or customizing the extension.

More Information

Module Variations

Module Variations allow you to individually style a module Enter any available suffixes at Extensions → Module Manager → Module → Module Class Suffix

There are 59 suffixes: box1-3, title1-3, icon1-30, shadow2-10; rounded, square, rt-center; nomargintop, nomarginbottom, nomarginright, nomarginleft, nopaddingtop, nopaddingbottom, nopaddingright and nopaddingleft; plus standardcase, uppercase and lowercase.

Note: You can compound multiple suffixes together such as box1 shadow2 nomarginleft standardcase.

  • Title: 3 variations to change the module title.
  • Box: 3 variations to change the module background.
  • Icon: 30 icon variations for the module title.
  • Shadow: 9 variations to add shadows to the module.
  • Rounded/Square: changes the module border to round or square.
  • RT-Center: centres the content of the module.
  • Standard/Upper/Lower Case: change the case of the module title.
  • NoMarginTop/Bottom/Left/Right: removes the various margins around the module.
  • NoPaddingTop/Bottom/Left/Right: removes the various paddings around the module